Quality Auto

A reputable licensed business delivering the standered in mobile car cleaning and detailing services.


The Quality Promise

Here at Quality Auto detail our motto is only one word, "Quality." We offer a variety of mobile and drop off detail packages with multiple add on options at diffirent price points to make your car shine like new at an affordable price. We believe that you as the customer are the most important part of this business so we will go great lengths to ensure your satisfaction.

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Each vehicle wash & or detail is different depending on vehicle size and condition. At Quality Auto we offer a wide range of services from a simple wash to a complete exterior and interior detailing. Call to get a free quote on what works best for your vehicle at the best price guaranteed.

  • Packages

    A closer look at our service.

  • Exterior Detail

    A precise detail wash of the exterior of your vehicle incorportating a clay bar treatment, polish, and finish with multiple layers of wax.

  • Interior Detail

    A deep vacuming followed by a heavy wipe down with spray, steam cleaning, and a carpet shampoo with seat extraction & or shampoo depending on condition and meterial of seat.

  • Complete Detail

    Our exterior and interior package all in one, at a reduced price of course.

More to know...

Mother Earth

Being residents of southern California and growing up in a age of global warming and now facing shortages of water, we understand that washing/detailing cars demands quite a usage of water and can possible involve the release of carbon admissions into the atmosphere. Thats why we will do everything we can to conserve our usage of water and reduce our carbon footprint at each wash. We use the most natural automotive cleaning products that we can. One of our methods to reduce water usage is by implementing steam cleaning which essentially cuts water use in half amongst other things to also reduce the effects we have on our enviroment like using mostly electrical tools in order to cut our carbon admissions in half as well. This is not a branding scheme but is truly the principles we hold ourselves to and which we firmly stand behind.

This is Quality

This is a licensed, registered, and insured business you can trust to be there for you and get the job done.